Pastor/Minister Recommendations

"It has been my pleasure to know Lydia Brown since she was fourteen. At that time she joined our ministry, 'The Mighty Warriors, and became an awesome youth minister. I believe her to be a young lady of integrity. She has a strong anointing on her message; and I know she is a vessel of The Lord, pure in motives and attitudes. She has respect pastors who open their doors to her ministry. I believe you will find her a blessing to your local congregation." - Nancy Harmon, President, Nancy Harmon Ministries

I have the distinct honor in recommending Lydia Brown for your ministerial consideration.  Having known Lydia for approximately twelve years, she consistently demonstrates an infectious passion for God and His kingdom advancement.  Although she is young, she has maintained a very mature attitude in her interactions with leadership of varying influences.  

Lydia has remained particularly accountable to Godly men and women throughout each phase of her development. She shows a desire to learn while upholding the highest standards of the call of God on her life.  The anointing and message that is within her heart will radically affect your organization and/or church.

I hope you will consider hosting Lydia Brown for your church revival, seminar or conference.
- Jeff Taylor, President, Taylor Ministries

Lydia Brown is a very anointed servant of the Lord. She brings a fresh and anointed word to the body of Christ. 
She has consecrated and dedicated her life to God's service and has the standing and ability to speak to her generation. 
I recommend her highly to all who want a great preacher and a special servant of the Lord!

- Bishop Anne Gimenez, Founder, Rock Ministerial Fellowship

"We want to recommend to you the ministry of Lydia Brown.  We have known her for several years and have watched her grow greatly in the Word and the Spirit.  We’ve had the privilege of having her in our School of the Bible class every Sunday morning, our singles ministry (Synergy), as well as a student of ours at Rhema Bible Training College in Tulsa, OK.  She also helped volunteer in our ministry for a short time before moving to work for Daystar Television in Dallas, TX.  She is faithful and dedicated to the call of God on her life and has a burning passion to minister to the local church and to the world.  She brings an excitement and conviction while ministering the Word of God.  We believe that Lydia would be a great blessing to you. Please prayerfully consider having her in to minister to your church.  We trust you will have amazing results."

Jay & Tammy Hoskins, Lead Pastors, Life Revolution Church 

"My wife and I had the privilege of getting to know Lydia while she was a student at Rhema Bible Training College. It has been a joy to see how far God has brought her from the days leading up to Bible school, and since she has graduated. She has been involved in various aspects of ministry, both in the ministry of helps working for other ministries, as well as being a capable minister herself. Her passion to serve God, be a blessing to others, and the anointing of God on her life are becoming more evident as she pursues the call of God."
- Rev. Kirk A. DuBois, President, Harvest International Ministries

"Lydia Brown is a wonderful young lady that has a passion for the things of God.  In my nearly 30 years in full time youth ministry, I have not met another young lady with a heart for God quite like Lydia. To match her zeal, she also possesses a Godly wisdom that is rarely found in someone her age.  I would highly recommend her ministry and promise you will come away blessed."
- Chris Musgrove, President, Future Now

"My wife and I have the distinct honor of knowing Lydia Brown for a number of years. With a similar anointing as Aimee Semple McPherson, Lydia is a powerful voice calling out to a broken generation to prepare their hearts for the Lord. My wife and I clothe ourselves with integrity, honesty, and a candid love for God. Lydia, with out a doubt, holds herself to the same standard."
Frank and Bonnie Voorhees, Lead Pastors, Victory Christian Fellowship